Paris Hilton Restoration Completed

Paris, July 12, 2010 -- After many years of neglect and ill use the Paris Hilton is now back in the spotlight once again. The Paris Hilton's management team hopes that the new look and internal enhancements that have been made over the last year will make her something that people will dream about spending the night in once again.

Jacques Baudrillard, the project manager responsible for the Paris Hilton's makeover, said, "We feel confident that that once people see this new Paris Hilton they will say, 'Paris Hilton, now I could have a good time in that,' and then come and stay the night."

According to Mr. Baudrillard, the last decade has been a difficult one for the Paris Hilton due to a deteriorating exterior, multiple internal plumbing issues causing leaks, and the entrances, both front and rear, being ill-suited for the amount of people coming and going.

"The old Paris Hilton's star had faded and people were being driven away from her in droves by the sight and smell of her," Mr. Baudrillard said.

The $25 million restoration project took two years to complete and involved thousands of man-hours. The Paris Hilton now boasts a newly enhanced exterior that includes a large rear entrance and delivery area that can withstand the impact of heavy traffic.

Additionally, the decrepit plumbing system that had given the Paris Hilton's management fits has been completely replaced so that the unexpected leakages of the past will not bother the new overnighters. Also, the main entry area has been expanded to be much more accommodating to visitors while the landscape directly in front of the Paris Hilton's main entrance has been freshly manicured and trimmed to provide a welcoming feel to it.

Although the Paris Hilton is now available for overnight and long-term guests, the Paris Hilton restoration project is far from complete. As Mr. Baudrillard said, "The Paris Hilton is far from complete. So far we have only tackled her exterior and internal problematic areas. The next phase will be to add some sophistication and class to the old girl."

By Raoul Thibodeaux, Avant News Staff Writer

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