Nostalgic Bush Says FY09 Budget "Last Chance to Shaft the Poor"

Washington, D.C., February 12, 2008 -- An unusually somber and introspective President George W. Bush, presenting the details of his $3.1 trillion fiscal year 2009 budget proposal for members of the American Plutocrats Union, a conservative group, lamented that the budget proposal represents his “last chance to shaft the poor.”

He urged the assembled audience to do “everything in their powers” to convince their elected representatives that the budget proposal represented an historic opportunity that may not return for a decade or more.

“Friends, patrons, beneficiaries of the conservative ideals,” President Bush said. “My budget proposal for fecal year, fiscal 1999, year 2009, might could be the last chance we got to show the American poor and middle class what the Republic party and our true conservative ideals stands for.”

“Like it or not,” President Bush continued, “there's winds of change are blowing. If things don't work out right, there might get a Democrat in the White House, Democratic majority in Congress houses, triple whammy. So my budget proposal doesn't get it put through, it might take eight long years, twelve years, or even more years before we get a chance to have a chance like this one over again. So I want all of you to work hard, to do some real hard work on your congressmen and your senators to get them behind this budget proposal. If we all work together, work hard together, we can stamp out low-income homeholds once and for all.”

President Bush's budget proposal, which would lead to a record $410 billion-plus federal deficit, discounting the costs of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is heavily focused on cutting virtually all domestic programs that would be of benefit to low- or middle-income households.

“It's a reconcentration of the wealth, and that's the opposite of communism, spreading around of the wealth,” President Bush said. “We all know terrorism's, uh, bad, communism's bad. Known that for a long time. My budget is the opposite of communism, is democratism, puts the wealth all back in one place. There's a small number of people got a lot of wealth. Lot of them are here tonight, I can seem them here. Mitt Romney, good candidate. Friends of mine.”

“But there's a lot more people got just a little money, got money that belongs in this room here with us, here in our pockets, not in that other people's pocket,” President Bush said. “You get enough people got just a little bit of money, take back some of that little bit of money, you get a lot of money, cause it's a lot of people. My budget puts, gets put through, that's what we're going to continue to see that happen. It's a last chance. If I want any kind a legacy stuck to my name, that's what I want it to be it.”

President Bush's speech, according to one audience member who, like the rest of the audience, requested that he not be identified, was received “positively” by the American Plutocrats Union.

By Ion Zwitter, Avant News Editor

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